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Soil Testing Machines

Our Soil Testing Machines will never let you down in terms of quality, durability and performance. Our range includes: Constant Pressure System, Compaction Test Apparatus Cone Penetrometer Method, Consolidation Apparatus and other durable machines.

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Constant Pressure System
Constant Pressure System is available in two types. It is used for maintaining the pressure in triaxial cell at a constant value by compensating volume change in the cell. This system makes the full utilisation of other system in geotechnical laboratory.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Type Capacity
IL- 501 Air/Water Type 7kg/cm2
IL- 502 Oil/Water Type 20kg/cm2

Compaction Test Apparatus
The ratio between soil moisture content and dry density is very useful to decide the quality and construction specifications of compacted material. This method is useful in construction of bridges, railways, highways and runways etc. It helps to confirm the strength and properties of soil.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specifications
IL- 503 2.6kg x 300mm rammer fall
IL- 504 4.89kg x 450mm rammer fall

Cone Penetrometer Method
It is more advance meter for liquid limit test. The moisture content at a given depth of penetration of the cone is taken as liquid limit, it is not dependent on test apparatus and operator.

Technical Specification
IL- 505

Consolidation Apparatus
Consolidation is meant for the crack and distress of building due to water expulsion. This phenomenan is time dependent. The test determines the clay structure. It is available for different sizes of specimens.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specification
IL- 506  

De-Aired Water Apparatus
Apparatus is required to produce de aired water for soil testing apparatus so that testing time can be reduced for consolidated soil samples. It is important that only de aired water should be used for Pore Pressure Measurement System.

Technical Specification
IL- 507

Direct Shear Apparatus
Direct Shear Apparatus is meant to measure the shear resistance of soil speciman. It is the measure of stress that any soil sample can hold with respect of load.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Capacity Specimen Size Type
IL- 508 2kN Single Speed 60 x 60 x 25mm Manual
IL- 509 30kN 30 x 30 x 15mm Motorised
IL- 510 50kN 30 x 30 x 15mm Motorised

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Apparatus
Test is performed to determine the relative strength or density or both of soil strata. It is recommeneded that if test is to be performed for deeper soil the cone should not be threaded because it becomes difficult to pull it back. Generally it is used upto the depth of 15m.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Cone Size
IL- 511 50mm dia

C.B.R. Apparatus
This test is used in selection of materials and control of subgrades. It keeps a check on bearing value of highway sub-bases and subgrades of mixtures.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Type & Capacity
IL- 512 Manual (50kN)
IL- 513 Motorised
IL- 513001Mould Gun Metel
IL- 513002Mpould M.S.

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