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Soil Testing Machines

Our Soil Testing Apparatus will never let you down in terms of quality, durability and performance. Our range includes: Liquid Limit Device, Soil Permeability Apparatus, Compaction Test Apparatus, Cone Penetrometer Method, Consolidation Apparatus and other durable machines.

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Sampling Auger Outfits
It is hand operated screw type and post hole or blade type augers. These are available in different sizes with extendable rod and a tabular handle.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Outfit
IL- 531 75 to 150mm dia

Sampling Tubes
These tubes are used to collect the undisturbed samples at different depths.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Size
IL- 532 38mm dia x 150mm dia
IL- 532.1 38mm dia x 200mm Long

Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus
It is used to determine the dry density of fine, medium grained soil and for layers not more than 50cm thickness.It comprises of three parts : Sand pouring Cylinder, Calibration container and metal tray.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Size
IL- 533 100mm
IL- 533.1 150mm
IL- 533.2 200mm

Sensitive Volume Change Gauge
Used to measure the pressure/volume change in axial cells. It is used for fractional change, on the principle of reversing the direction of flow, when the limit of volume change occurs.

Technical Specification
Cat. No.

Shrinkage Limit Set
It is defined as the water content after which any reduction in moisture content will not cause any reduction in volume of soil. It is very significant to calculate shrinkage ratio, shrinkage limit, shrinkage index and volumetric shrinkage.

Technical Specification
Cat. No.
IL- 535

Sieves are used to analyse the particle sizes. Brass is used for fine soil particles whereas GI is cast for coarse particles. We provide a wide range of sieves for coarse and fine soil particles.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Dia
IL- 536  
IL- 536.1 45cm G.I. upto 2.36mm
IL- 536.2 30cm G.I. upto 2.36mm
IL- 536.3 45cm Brass upto150microm
IL- 536.4 30cm Brass upto75microm
IL- 536.5 20cm Brass upto150microm
IL- 536.6 20cm Brass upto75microm

Sieve Shaker
Sieve shakers are manufactured to make the sieving easy and fast.Both dry and wet sieve shaker are provided.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Type
IL- 537 Manual
IL- 538 Motorised
IL- 538.1 Motorised Ratap Type
IL- 538.2Large Capacity Motorised Gyrotay Type
IL- 538001Adopter 300mm  
IL- 538002Adopter 450mm  

Moisture Meter
Moisture content is measured as ratio of weight of water to the weight of solids. As moisture content helps engineer to find different Characteristics of soil, which helps him to decide about further tests.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Type Range
IL- 539 Infra-red moisture meter 0-100%
IL- 540 Speedy moisture meter 0-25%
IL- 540.1 Opeedy Maisture Meter 0-50%
IL- 540.2 Calcuim Caride Powder  

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