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Soil Testing Machines

Our Soil Testing Apparatus will never let you down in terms of quality, durability and performance. Our range includes: Liquid Limit Device, Soil Permeability Apparatus, Compaction Test Apparatus, Cone Penetrometer Method, Consolidation Apparatus and other durable machines.

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Liquid Limit Device
It is a mechanical method for measuring shear resistance by means of liquid limit test, when soil is mixed with water. This test makes engineer to understand the properties of soil.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Accessories
IL- 514 Casagranade groovingtool,gauge block
IL- 515 Casagranade groovingtool,gauge block with counter
IL- 516 Motorised,Casagranade grooving tool,gauge block with counter

Load Frames
Load Frames are extensively used for application of compression and penetration loads required for various tests. Load Frames are available in different frame structures, mode of operation, loading capacities.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Capacity Operation Mode Speed
IL- 517 50kN Electrical Single
IL- 518 50kN Electrical Three
IL- 519 50kN Electrical Six
IL- 520 50kN Electrical Thirty
IL- 521 200kN Electrical Twelve
IL- 522 500kN Electrical Twelve

Permeability Apparatus
Permeability is the soil property by which it allows the water to flow through interconnected voids. Permeability test best accounted in well points, depumping ground water, retention of water, construction of dams.

Technical Specification
IL-523 Constant Read
IL-523.1 Falling Read

Pore Pressure Apparatus
It is used to measure pore water pressure and air pressure in soils.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specification
IL- 524 10kg/cm2
IL- 525 20kg/cm2

Proctor Penetrometer, Spring Type
It is used to check the compaction control in the field by determining the moisture content and maximum dry density.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specification
IL-526 0 -40kg/cm2

It is a jar used to check the specific gravity of sand, soil or powdery material having granules smaller than 10mm. "specific Gravity is the ratio of the weight in air of a given volume of a material at a standard temperature to the weight in air of an equal volume of distilled water at the same stated temperature."

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specification
IL- 527 1kg (Set of 6)
IL- 527.1 0.5kg (Set of 6)

Sample Divider
Used for collection of different samples of aggregates, sand and fillers.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specification Capacity
IL- 528 13mm Stat width 2.1dm3
IL- 528.1 25mm Stat width 4.4dm3
IL- 528.2 50mm Stat width

Sample Extractors
Used to extract the samples from soil/soil mixtures in different standard sampling tubes, which in turn produce definate amount of sample required for different testing.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Type Specimen Size
IL- 529 Manual 38mm dia
IL-530 Electrical 38 to150mm dia
IL- 529.1 Manul Universal  

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