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Soil Testing Machines

Our Soil Testing Machines will never let you down in terms of quality, durability and performance. Our range includes: Split Spoon Sampler, Penetration Test Set, Swell Test Apparatus, Consolidation Apparatus and other durable machines.

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Static Cone Penetrometer
Again a soil testing machine best for foundation. This is basically used for the places where strata is soft compressible, sand or gravel and sea beds etc. It is designed in Three capacities 30kN and 100kN., 200kN. The higher range is used for reaching greater depths.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Outfit
IL- 543 30kN manual
IL- 544 100kN Engine driven
IL- 544.1 200kN Self Start

Swell Test Apparatus
Due to different properties of soils, like black cotton soil which has swelling pressure from 1kg/cm2 to 3.5kg/cm2, these soils lose their shear strength considerably when they are wet. To have projects of railways, highways, roads, building etc., on such kind of soils, determination of their swell pressure is essential.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Size
IL- 545 50kN

Triaxial Test Outfits
This comprises load frame, triaxial cell, proving ring, constant pressure system etc. It requires specimen dia of 38mm and 50mm.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Size
IL- 548 Motorised\Digital100mm Sample
IL- 549 Motorised 100mm Sample

Standard Penetration Test Set
Standard Penetration tool is to measure the penetration resistance for designing the foundations. SPT is widely used to check the strength of soil to assess its resistance against liquification due to earth vibrations or earthquakes.

Technical Specification
Cat. No.
IL- 542

Vane Shear Apparatus
This method is performed to take the specimen from the soil where sampling tubes cause problem. Its validity is proved where soils have shear strength in order of 15kN/m2 or less. This test asks complete care and skill of operator.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Rate of rotation
IL- 550 Motorised
IL- 550.1 Manual

Thin Wall Samplers
Used to pick the samples of soils and sand.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Inner Dia
IL- 546 50mm
IL- 546.1 100mm

Triaxial Cell, Stationary Bushing
Triaxial Cells are used with soil shear strength testing. They are used in Cell Presure, Pore Water Pressure and drainage of back pressure tests.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specification
IL- 547 Trixial Cell,Stationary Bushing, Universal -100mm dia
IL- 547.1 Trixial Cell,Stationary Bushing, Universal -38mm dia

Split Spoon Sampler
This is used for standard penetration test set. These are available in two types, with and without liner. The both are alike but with liner has a brass lining in which sample is collected.

Technical Specification
Cat.No. Specification
IL- 541 With Linner
IL- 541.1 Without Linner
IL- 551 In-situ Vane Shear Apparatus, capacity 200kg, gear type
IL- 552 Plate Bearing Capacity, with 30,45,60 cm sqr. Chequered plates nand accessories
IL- 553 Load Truss 200kN (20,000 kgf)
IL- 553.1 Load Truss 300kN (30,000 kgf)
IL- 553.2 Load Truss 200kN (50,000 kgf)
IL- 554 Penetrometer, Proving Ring Type.(Vicksberg Penetrometer)
IL- 555 Linear shrinkage Apparatus
IL- 556 Soil Hydrometer
IL- 557 Sand Equivalent Apparatus
IL- 558 Sand Equivalent Apparatus with Motorised Shaker
IL- 559 Permeability Test (Constant Head and Falling Head Methods)
IL- 560 Lateral Pressure Assembly, 10kg/cm2
IL- 560001 Foot Pump for Lateral Pressure Assemble
IL- 561 Core Cutter for Soil

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