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Metallurgical Lab Equipments

Specimen Mounting Press (Mechanical Type) Polishing Stand Metallurgical Mounting Press Specimen Leveller
Metallurgical Specimen Cut-off Machine Metallurgical Polishing Machine Abrasive Cut-off Machine (Chop Type) Linisher Polishing Belt (Belt Sander)
Abrasive Disc Cut-off Machine (Chop Type)

Specimen Mounting Press (Mechanical Type)
Model: ILE-801
The machine is used for mounting Metallographic Specimens in a suitable thermoplastic or thermosetting material. Mounting makes the samples convenient for handling in subsequent polishing operations.
Mounting of specimen is also essential where the edges of samples are to be preserved or examinations. It is a screw press comprising of 1” dia. mould of alloy steel, heat-treated and internally ground. Both the main plunger and top plunger are also of heat-treated steel suitably hardened an d ground. The ramming action is obtained by means of a ratchet lever provided at the front. Drive is through a pair of hardened steel crown wheel and pinion gears, The crown wheel is fitted on a heavy duty thrust ball bearing. A screw type lock with handle is provided for quick fixing of top plunger on mould during operation.
Specimen Mounting Press has concentric heating and cooling arrangement on the mould, ensuring a quick turn-out of samples. The processing time per sample is only 15minutes maximum. Heating is by means of 400 watts heater and cooling by water circulation around the mould Standard Mould Diameter is 1” (1 ¼ ” diameter mould, optional). Extra mould assemblies on any diameter, not exceeding 50mm. can also be supplied at an extra cost.
Provided with Energy Regulator, Pilot Lamp and Three Core Cable and Plug Pin. Finished in high gloss enamel and chrome plating.

Polishing Stand
Model: ILE-802
The specimen after mounting is to be polished on emery papers of different grades. Usually papers of four grades are used in succession, from 1 to 000 grades. Occasionally 0000 grade is also required. These emery papers are commonly avaiLable in 11” x 9” size and can be conveniently fastened on Polishing Stand, after cutting into three lengthwise pieces.
rd Polishing Stand is designed to take four umbers of 11” x 3” 9 (i.e. 1/3 sheet) emery papers of different grades. They are clamped on polishing place surfaces by means of clamping arrangements on both ends of the surface, thus holding them flat and tight. The entire mechanism is fixed in a tray so that even wet polishing can be done on these polishing stands. For wet polishing the stand is provided with water jets and drain. Finished in high gloss enamel.

Metallurgical Mounting Press
Model: ILE-803
For permanent mounting of Metallographic of rock specimens in thermosetting plastic, we offer Bakelite Mounting Press. The unit is of a rugged construction and is activated by an hydraulic press, capacity 10 tonnes. The unit is provided with a pressure gauge to read the pressure being applied while mounting. The press is supplied complete with mould heater, cooler and thermometer. As a standard outfit, 25mm. dia. mould assembly is supplied along with the machine other sizes of mould assembly can be supplied as additional accessories at an extra cost.

Specimen Leveller
Model: ILE-804
This provides a simple and positive method for ensuring that the metal surface is exactly perpendicular to optical axis of the microscope. The pressure on the plunger knob renders the upper polished surface parallel to the under surface of the microscope slide on which it is mounted with a plastic material such as plasticine. The Leveler is provided with a steel shaft having bronze bushing, retracting spring and a structural steel frame finished in hammer tone grey paint.

Metallurgical Specimen Cut-off Machine
Model: ILE-805
This machine is required for quick and clean cutting off metallographic specimens from rods and tubes etc. The abrasive wheel turns at a constant speed driven by an electric motor suitable for operation from 230/230 volts for 440 volts A.C. supply. The specimen is held securely in a vice type holder and moved into the wheel. Specially placed and shaped coolant valve are conveniently placed at the front of the machine. Hinged safety hood lifts up for easy access for wheel replacement or tank cleaning.