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Cement, Lime, Plaster & Mortar Testing Machines

We manufacture these machines to fit your requirements and even custom- design them if required. We offer quality machines that includes: Mortar Mixer, Flexure Testing Machine, Ring Press, Gauging Trowel and many other machines.

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Le Chatlier Apparatus
It is used to determine the spacific gravity of cement or class A Limes.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Modules
IL- 210 Le chatlier flask
IL- 211 Le chatlier mould (set of 6)

Mortar Mixer
This apparatus prepares cement mortar for strength determination, it is also used in mixing of soils with additives as lime,cement etc.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Specification
IL- 212 140 + 5rpm
IL- 212.1 280 + 10rpm

This instrument grinds the material to produce the fine mesh samples. These samples are suitable for cement and chemical industries.

Technical Specification
Cat.No. Length of Blade
IL- 213 450g quartz into 100mesh/min.

Ring Press
Ring Press. It is used for making samples of cement,powdery material,graphite or infrared transmitting material for different tests.

Technical Specification
Cat.No. Capacity
IL- 214 0-250kN

Vibrating Machine
It is used to give vibration to mix moulds on frequency 12,000hz + 400hz, to assemble or dismantle the moulds.

Technical Specification
Cat. No. Capacity
IL- 215 12,000rpm+ 400rpm

Vicat Apparatus
Vicat apparatus is used to confirm the water quantity required to produce the cement paste of standard consistancy. Its frame carry consistancy plunger of 10mm diameter.

Technical Specification
Cat.No. Specification Type
IL- 216 Vicat Apparatus
IL- 217 Vicat Apparatus with Dashpot
IL- 217001 Vicat Mould
IL- 218 Shrikage Bar Mould Single
IL- 218.1 Shrikage Bar Mould Double
IL- 218.2 Shrikage Bar Mould Tripple
IL- 219 Cement Spatula Spring Steel Plate
IL- 220 Flow Table MAnual
IL- 220.1 Flow Table Motarised table size-2500mm
IL-221 Automatic Universal Penetrometer
IL- 222 Pozzolana Cement Permeability fourcell
IL-223 Cement Mortar &Concrete Permeability Appratus

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